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The Exhibition

The Many Facets of Applied Theatre

The exhibition at Mix Cafe [the GAP Arts exhibition space] is a chance to look at all of the work done by the talented group of students who have put together the Big FAT Weekend.  There will be a display of their community projects, in nurseries, with old people, with community groups and schools, as well as examples of their individual Personal Projects - business plans for projects to take place on graduation.  It is a chance to look at the kind of work covered in the Applied Theatre course, and to celebrate the success of this cohort - the Class of 2022.  Please plan your visit to the Festival to give yourself time to look around the exhibition.  Some work is on display through images and scrapbooks etc, and others is viewable on your phones or tablets, by using the QR codes provided.  In the meantime, on this page will appear some extracts of the work covered....


Community Projects

Personal Projects

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