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Overview of the Festival of Applied Theatre 2022

This year's Festival  consists of five short pieces, created by Third Year students on the Applied Theatre course at Birmingham Conservatoire.  Each of these is going to be performed at least four times over the Festival Weekend.   


All of these pieces have been created entirely by our students from extensive research, and they have been responsible for every aspect of the production, as well as setting up the festival, the exhibition of community work and personal plans.


All of the third year students are graduating this year, after three eventful years.  Because of the nature  of those years, the Festival represents their first live public performances of their degree.  In 2020, the pandemic struck when they were half way through devising a play, and their project became an online one - created from our own homes.  The result can still be seen at  In the second year, their performance project coincided with the second lockdown, and they created online work for work for schools, some of which is  displayed in the Exhibition, and also available  online.

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