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The Becoming of Vasilisa

Performed In The Drawing Room

A performance filled with twists and turns as we take you on a journey of self exploration, feminism, and becoming...

About this event

‘She put it out, her stepmother put the fire out’

Follow the journey of Vasilisa, as she battles an impossible task and an improbable woman to return the fire to her hearth. A story of nature and nurture and ultimately a young girl’s journey to independence, told through object manipulation and shadow puppetry.

Company: Frayed Knot Theatre Company

Cast: Hollie Westwood, Billie Lewery, Megan Owen, Maddie Hedges, Kian Betley

Performances Dates / Times:


Friday 18.00PM 

Saturday 15.20 and 18.00

Sunday 13.00PM*