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The Tragedy of Kitty Jay

Performed In The Directors Office

The Tragedy of Kitty Jay is a traditional narrative from Dartmoor, which we are bringing to a twenty-first century audience. This performance will use the medium of shadow puppetry to bring this emotive story to life. Join us, as we journey back through the mists of time - and the mists of the wild Westcountry - to discover a tale of hope, desperation, and tragedy.

Kitty Jay’s life is one of hardship. Born in a workhouse in Devon, she spends her days labouring on a farm for scarce wages. Her life is one of drudgery and despair, but she has a dream. A dream to build her own life - and her own home. Kitty, however, is never given the freedom to do this. Beset on all sides by her poverty, her cruel employer, and his lecherous son, she is never given the peace and freedom she needs. Her plans are attacked at every turn, and worse will befall her before the end. Kitty Jay’s story truly is a tragedy, and in this retelling, we will show you a side to this story never seen before. Her life torn apart around her, Kitty must fight for her survival, or her fate will be darker than anyone previously imagined.

Performances Dates / Times:


Friday 18.40PM & 20.10PM

Saturday 16.00PM & 18.40PM

Sunday 16.00PM*

*This sunday event will last around 50 Mins. (Up to 30 mins performance and then 20 mins Q&A)


 | Age Restrictions (12+) | R*pe and/or sexual. Assault (Only briefly mentioned in a sentence) | Suicide (Only briefly mentioned in a sentence) | Death and/or dying |